Welcome to LLR Practice and Mock Test.

 This Section Provides Practice for Learning License applicants in taking the test and it contains two parts.

  1. Practice Test
  2. Mock Test

 Practice Test:
                It is divided in to 9 sections shown below.These tests are designed on the basis of topics in which the learners license test is carried out at the RTO offices and you have the option to select any topic and practice till you reach perfection.Each Practice session will have 20 Questions except in T004 and T008   which have 16 & 15 Questions respectively.

Test Number Test Name Total No. of Questions
T001 Safe Driving Practices 159
T002 Road Signs,Markings &Traffic Signals 0
T003 Road Rules 141
Total             300

Mock Test :
                   Mock Test is exactly similar to the test which the candidate needs to appear at the RTO office.Each mock test will have 20 questions consisting  of a specified number of randomly selected questions from each of the 9 topics practiced in practice test.The sequence of the options for selection in a question will change every time a question is picked up from the question bank.You need to complete this test within 10 mins. Pass mark will be 12 out of 20 Questions (i.e 60%).

All The Best!

Note:Please Donot Press F5 (or)Refresh the page while taking test.                                                                                                                                                  


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